Osclass Pay Payment Plugin

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  • ions: Publish fee, Image fee, Make Premium, Highlight, Move to Top, Republish (renew)
  • User wallet: Credit packs, benefits for registration and sharing, affliate program (referrals)
  • User groups: Create user groups and hierarchy, special benefits for members, subscriptions, restricted categories
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, Instamojo, PayUMoney, CCAvenue, PagSeguro, Bank Transfer and much more!
  • As only payment plugin for osclass we bring you Stripe payments with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Osclass Pay works with plenty of payment gateways. Following payment solutions are supported:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Stripe (SCA – Strong Customer Authentication)
  • Skrill
  • Authorize.net
  • Payza
  • Blockchain
  • Braintree
  • 2Checkout
  • PagSeguro
  • PayUMoney
  • Instamojo
  • CCAvenue
  • Paystack
  • WeAccept.co
  • EuPlatesc.ro
  • Przelewy24.pl
  • Komfortkasse.eu
  • Yandex Money (ru)
  • Pays.cz
  • Cardinity.com

If you need payment solution not listed above, contact us for price of integration your payment gateway.

Items / Listings promotions

There are 6 different ways of item promotions that users can pay for.


Allows to mark listing as premium and show listing in special blocks for premium listings, make them more visible in search or get special label of premium listing (depend on theme).


In order to show listing to all users, it is required to pay Publish fee. When fee is not paid, item is not visible.


Allows to highlight listings and make them more visible and attractive to other people. Plugin allows to setup background color for highlighted items (boxes in search) and define own css style for highlighted items.


Charge your customers for showing pictures on your listings. It is well known that some categories simply require to post image, like when selling car, this function enables to hide images of listing until image fee is paid. Note that customer can upload pictures without any problem, those are just not shown and item behave like without pictures.


Enable customer to move listing to top of search. This functionality helps to fight with duplicate listings, instead of publishing copy of existing ad, customer can renew/move to top listing for fee.


Allows to setup republish period and repeats of listing. When ad is republished, it behaves like newly published listing. Customer can set duration and repeat of republish. When republish fee is paid, listing is republished immediately and then after selected period multiple times.

Custom settings

Each promotion allows to setup different price per category, disable promotion in particular categories and setup uplift/adjustment of price per country and region. As example you can setup Publish fee to be $2 in For Sale category, disable Publish fee in Vehicles category, increase price by 100% (to $4) in region California and reduce price by 50% (to $1) in region Alabama.

For promotions Mark as Premium, Highlight item and Republish it is possible to setup also different duration and set different prices for them for each category. As example, you can setup Mark as Premium to be possible to purchase premium duration for 12 hours for $2, 1 day for $3.5 and 1 week for $5. Then in Republish promotion you can enable republish after 1 day and republish after 1 week only. It means settings are independent for each promotion.

For promotions Republish/Renew listing you can setup also allowed repeats, so user can purchase i.e. 3 repeats or 10 repeats with duration of 3 days. This means listing will be republished for 10 times each after 3 days. It is possible to setup also repeating discount for republish so it is better deal to get more repeats.

How to promote item

Listings can be promoted in different ways.

Admin can promote listing from oc-admin as well as from front, as promotion options are visible to admin and site admin can “Pay as admin”.

Non-logged in user can promote listing on publish page, when some promotions has been selected or there are some required promotions (Publish fee, Show image fee), user is redirected to item promotion page right after listing is published.

Logged in user has same option as non-logged user, but can promote listing also from User Account > Promotion section. Multiple products can be placed into cart (promotions for different items, credit packs or membership) and checkout/paid with one click. Logged user can see payment history, use referral program, get credits for registration, get periodical credits or become member of some group. When logged user is browsing own listings, promotion options are shown as well.

eCommerce – products purchase, item shopping

Osclass Pay Plugin allows to set specific users as sellers and these users can sell their items directly using plugin. Payment goes to site owner account and it’s on owner to get commision from sale, send money to owner and follow order status. In case there is some problem with seller, admin can remove user from seller list and stop product selling.


Users verified as sellers can make their listings to be in sale. Then customers can buy products directly using your osclass classifieds and do payment on your site.


Admins and sellers can set available quantities for each product so if quantity is reached, product cannot be bought anymore. It’s possible to show/hide available quantities as well to customers.


Admin can define user as seller and add this user to list of verified sellers. Seller is responsible for delivering products to buyer. Admin can update order status and notify buyer with additional information. It’s possible to enable selling to all users as well.


Plugin allows to set status for each order. Initially order is in status processing, where products are being prepared for shipping. Next status is shipped that means order is handled by carrier and beeing delivered to customer. As last status, completed means order has been delivered to buyer and is completed. Order can be cancelled as well, in that case all funds related to this order should be refunded to buyer account by seller.

Vouchers and discounts

Install Voucher & Discount Osclass Plugin together with Osclass Pay and start generating different vouchers and discounts for your regular, but also new customers. At the end discounts helps you to generate even higher income.

Plugin allows to create 3 types of vouchers – amount / percentage / credits and has rich restriction & configuration options, like setting up start & end date of promption, restrict to users, promotion products (like to exclude credit packs), enable just for particular membership group, minimum order amount, quantity, max usage per user and much more.



Banners and Advertisement

You can now let your customers place banners and advertisement on your site, process payment automatically using integrated gateways and let banners expire when budget is reached

How does it work?

  • anywhere your have banner shown on your site, customer can submit there own banner
  • after submission it is pending admin approval
  • when approved, customer is notified to make payment
  • when budget for banner is paid, banner is visible on your site
  • admin set price per click and view, those amounts are substracted from customer budget
  • when budget is reached, banner is disabled
  • you and customer can see stats of banner, customer has it directly in user account

This feature require Banner Ads Plugin to be installed. It is paid plugin.


User promotions, eWallet, packs and groups, memberships

Osclass Pay plugin provides numerous functions to attract your customers to get registered and use benefits of registration, or become special members on your classifieds.


When user wallet is enabled, registered users can buy credit packs and use different promotions.

Credit Packs – it is possible to create unlimited number of credit packs, setup it’s price and bonus credits received, setup background color or define credit packs just for specified user groups (user groups explained bellow). All data relative to credit packs (name, description, …) can be translated into any language.

Bonus for registration – define bonus for registration so each newly registered customer get small amount of credits to try promotions on your site

Referral program – enable users to invite their friends into your classifieds and provide bonus to both of them. In user account each user has own referral code (to be entered in registration form), invite link and options to share invitation link on facebook or twitter directly from user account

Periodical bonus – it often happen that user register on your site and then leave and never come back. Change that! Provide registered users periodical bonus and get them back to your classifieds. It is possible to define amount of bonus as well as period how often bonus is send (once per week, month or quarter). Bonus is send on first day of selected period.


Do you have regular customers and not sure how to benefit them? Or just have categories where you want to charge your customers to see it’s content? Or you want to just create membership area on your classifieds? Osclass Pay plugin can do it!

User groups – create as many groups as you need, there is no limit. You can define group name and description, price for selected period (i.e. $20 for 30 days), setup flat discount for item promotions, define background color, increase periodical bonus (section above) so members of group will get i.e. 30% more credits periodically. You can also assign categories to group so only members of group will be able o see content of category.

All data relative to user group (name, description, custom, …) can be translated into any language.

Let’s summarize basic functionality of user groups:

  • define price for membership in group
  • flat discount for item promotions
  • restrict category access just to members of particular group(s)
  • extra credits for periodical bonus
  • create hierarchy of user groups
  • limit listings posted by user in certain period (like allow max 5 lisitngs per month)


You can restrict how many listings can users publish on your site in what period. There is default setting for all users and can be increased in user groups.

This means, that you can setup i.e. 5 free listings in 30 days, but for members of particular group it can be 20 free listings in 30 days.

Membership in group is executed automatically via cron and user is informed about expiration of membership.

Additional information

For PHP 5.x it is recommended to have MCrypt library installed on your hosting. For PHP 7.x you should have openSSL installed (contact your hosting provider to check). These libraries are used to encrypt sensitive data.

Make sure your cron is setup correctly. It is essential functionality for plugin. Please check plugin documentation or osclass documentation. If you are not sure what to do, contact your hosting provider.

If you miss some payment gateway/solution or you have ideas for improvements or you found bug, do not hesitate to contact us. If you like Osclass Pay plugin and you use it as your ultimate payment solution, do not forget to leave feedback/review on this plugin, it help us to bring new ideas and improvements to plugin. Thanks! Nulled

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